Victoria De Paul

Writing a testimonial to the teaching ability of a woman like Maher Benham seems somehow impossible. How does one even begin to express gratitude to one who not only brought me closer to the truth of who I am as an artist but who set me on the spiritual path of finding out who I am as a woman. I have had the honor and privilege of being a student of Ms. Benham’s in both Yoga and Modern Dance. In her classroom I learned how to walk to the edge of pain and fear and trust that in that divine space I had the ability to transform into something greater than just this girl, this body that I walk around in. I remember so many things that Maher has showed me both through her teachings and through her living example. The latter is the most profound of course. She taught me to have immense respect for the space in which Yoga is practiced or creativity is growing. Maher holds those spaces as sacred and demands that others do so as well. In her classroom I am held to a higher standard; everyone is. She has no patience it seems for ego-based fear or playing to the lowest common denominator; either within ourselves, or the classroom. It is expected that we all rise up and be our best, regardless of our circumstances or our emotions. This has taught me incredible resilience of spirit both in life and in creativity. Our practice in the classroom is “ not about us”. We are on a divine errand she says. This work is vital to our growth both as artists and members of the universal family. As a yoga teacher trained by enlightened masters, she is a veritable wellspring of spiritual wisdom and clear, cut directions. Under her guidance I push myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually out beyond the safe edges of what I know to the glorious unknown that is possibility. I have learned the importance of being a vehicle for truth from Maher; that selfishness has no place whatever on the stage or in a yoga practice. That is not something a mere teacher can accomplish. That is a shining gift bestowed by an enlightened being walking the earth; one who is on a spiritual errand driven by the vehicle of yoga and dance. I am blessed beyond what I can express to have graced Maher Benham’s classrooms and would implore anyone who has the opportunity to do the same. You will be a better you for it and ultimately so will everyone who comes in contact with you. That is her real gift, I believe.

Woman in a meditation pose - New York yoga studio
Willow Atkinson

You won’t believe how relaxed and alive you are at the end of class.

Russell Bennett
Actor and director

Maher’s class is an excellent workout, for your body and your soul.

Alexandra Smith

Maher Benham introduced me to yoga through her dance classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse and, although I had dabbed in a few Hatha classes at gyms before that, it was not until Maher clarified the practice through her teachings that I began to experience profound changes in both my physical and mental bodies.  Yoga has since become an integral part of my routine.  If I look back at all the teachers I have had throughout my education, from academics to the arts to athletics, Maher is one of the few of which I can say altered, for the positive, the course of my life.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Natalia Alonzo-Brillante
Director, American Youth Dance Theater

Maher teaches a unique class combining the spiritual aspects of yoga with an intense, physical workout. She is one of the most gifted teachers I know and one feels an instant sense of comfort and inspiration in her presence.

Gayatri Matangi Bhagavan Dasi

My first yoga class with Maher Benham in 1999, ignited a perpetual flame within me and launched me into a spiritual spiral of inner transformation.  Maher’s mystical, inspiring, and devotional teaching flows like a majestic waterfall, cascading directly from the Source, plunging and planting divine seeds of nectar bliss into the heart’s spirit, emerging purified, refreshed and transformed, like a blooming lotus bud with dew drops dancing, lasting impressions of wisdom waterfall, the Samskara of Sundancer’s Spirit.

Russell Suggs
Tier 3 Personal Trainer, EQUINOX

Several years ago a dear friend introduced me to an extremely gifted and light filled individual he described as his spirit guide; Maher Benham.  Subsequently, I had the opportunity to befriend Maher myself and enrolled in a series of semi-private Yoga workshops.

Maher’s approach melds a deep respect and knowledge of the practice with a clear commitment to imbuing her workshops with not just the “how,” but the “who, what, where and when” of yoga origins. This melding of history and practice engaged not only the body, but the mind and spirit. I walked away with knowledge and a deep respect for this gifted instructor.

Maher Benham is not the instructor for those seeking a series of traditional poses without frills. She offers the complete package and a well rounded, complete holistic approach that has the power and impact to change lives.

Jessica Lynn Jennings Puentevella
Dancer, actress.

Maher is one of the greats. Few people, let alone teachers, are committed to excellence of form and encouraging students to reach both into and out from their beings. Classes with her are simultaneously exhilarating and peaceful. Students of Ms. Benham will not be disapointed!

Rachael Kosch
Dance teacher/choreographer

Maher Benham is a truly inspirational teacher. She pushes you in the most loving manner. Her images for transcending where you are and leaving day to day cares behind as she guides you on a physical journey are evocative and perfectly placed so as to spur one on to achieve more than one thought possible. Maher is embedded in tradition yet completely in the now. I have been her student for 20 years. I love her classes!

Emma Natalya Stein
Dancer, yogini, fine art scholar

Maher has imbibed and internalized the sacred Yoga scriptures as if they had always been a part of her.”

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